Kathryn my darling, it’s hard to believe that yet another year has passed. This year, I’m inspired to share one of my favorite stories from the foundation of our friendship. I went way back in the archives for you my dear.

Also apologies to all of our parents who I’m sure are just now learning that Kat and I went to parties together in college 😉

IMG_6397Sophomore year of college was one of my favorite years – which upon reflection is irony because the world was falling apart around us in response to the 9/11 attacks but I think it was the mix of harsh reality and youthful naiveté that contributed to making it so great.

Kat and I had a prime room near our best friends. We’d found our niche, were active in campus life and pulling pretty good grades (hers always better than mine). We had a tradition that on weekend nights, we’d go to dinner, come back to our room, nap, and wake a half hour before going out with just enough time to grab a drink or two before heading out.

IMG_6398If I remember right, this particular night was a toga party but I couldn’t tell you what fraternity was throwing it. Eric was visiting us and we were in hysterics trying to find sheets that would work for the party but we were clearly too cheap to go buy plain white. Also, shout out to Alexis who rocked a fitted sheet as her toga. Love ya girl.

When we arrived at the party, the place was packed. This shindig was sure to be broken up before long.

As we’re waiting to get inside, some genius comes up with the idea to have all students sign in stating if they were 21 or under.

Kat and I were maybe 5th from the front at this point and merely look at one another with an eyeroll before we make our way up to the front of the line.

I sign the sheet but there’s no way in hell I’m signing my real name or admitting to being underage. Knowing Kat was coming behind me and wanting to make her laugh, I sign in as E. Dickenson. A nod to one of our shared favorites.

Eric signs in between us. Kat signs in and we enter the party.

“Did you like my autograph?” I say

“I didn’t see it. But I signed in as Emily Dickenson” she says.

“ME TOO!!” I yell as we dissolve into hysterics. Right then, someone manning the door busts in yelling. Where’s E Dickerson? Who’s E Dickerson.”

Hours later, the party is wrapping up and there were just a few people hanging out in the much quieter house. We find ourselves sitting around with the same girl, who asked us if we knew E Dickerson.

Years later, Kat and I would sign the guest books at one anothers wedding receptions E. Dickerson. I smile every time I’m reminded of this story. Of our shared love of great literature and a terrible frat party. Of fierce friendship and a long running inside joke.

I hope this birthday and this year are so amazing. You deserve the world my friend. You know I wish we were closer for a day of crafting, thrifting, reading and drinking. Much love to you Country Mama.