photo 1Without fail, every October we’ve lived in LA has been blazing hot. This year we went to two pumpkin patches and I wore tank tops to both of them and still I was sweating. We even found ourselves at the community pool a few weekends seeking relief. But, as if Mother Nature was watching her own calendar, last week found us hitting cooler temps and I for one am thrilled.
I have a reputation for being a summer girl–and I definitely don’t mind it–but I absolutely love the change of place that fall brings.

The cooler air, the holidays and the dark evenings make me want to slow down and appreciate friends and family in a way that spring and summer just don’t allow. Traveling for work has given me an early taste of the cooler weather but now that it’s hit our home town I’m ready to jump in with both 2We’ve just dipped below 70 and I’m pulling out scarves, light jackets and cardigans. Meanwhile, Luke has been forced into fleecy footie pajamas and into coats on his way to and from daycare. It’s laughable coming from a couple who would wear flip flops and shorts all winter when we were living back east.

The weather man is predicting a cool wet winter for us here and this Californian couldn’t be happier. I have a backlog of autumn activities on my mind and I wasted no time this week getting caught up.

For example, in the fall, I make tea after dinner and light candles to bring more warmth and light to the rooms. (This has prompted Luke to sing happy birthday each time I do; so are the joys of living with a toddler.) The warm light in our apartment makes it feel homier and encourages me to dial back a notch or two in a way that I can’t find during the sweltering months of July, August and September.

This weekend, we laid low… I wore flannel, knit socks, and hoodies. We spent our time cleaning, watching sports, cooking and hanging with friends. Luke took a three-hour nap yesterday, which NEVER happens, and I got to sit on the couch and knit to my heart’s content.

I put out an APB whenever I make chili and our friends come by with beer and corn bread. It lends for a nice evening of catching up and casualness. Last year it never got cool enough to eat chili let alone have the stove on for a few hours.

The year before, I had perpetual heartburn during my pregnancy and a cranky newborn that wouldn’t allow for us to make it either. I’m thrilled we were able to fit it in yesterday and even with our guests we have leftovers to last us for days.

We had a tiny baby visiting for the first time since Luke was born and he did a good job playing “the big boy” showing Joshua his toys, and “pushing” him in the baby swing (with MUCH supervision).

photo 5Today I bundled up for work finally getting to don a handknit cowl that I finished months ago. And walking around Hollywood to run errands it was the perfect weather to sport it.

We’ve had Thanksgiving’s in years past where we opened all the doors and windows to combat the heat from the oven. I’ve driven with the windows down while listening to Christmas carols. We’ve landed back in LA on New Years Day and promptly changed into shorts.

So it goes living in a warmer climate and come late January when my Facebook feed fills with posts about yet another snowstorm, I’m happy to be living in such a warm city. But this time of year, even if it’s fleeting, I’m thrilled to wake up to brisk temps and a warm cup of coffee at the start of the day.