img_7303It’s fall again and every year I complain about the heat. This year, being gigantically pregnant, I am whining even more so. I miss crisp fall days that smell like woodstove and decomposing leaves. Fall in LA means we get desert winds — Santa Anas — they drive up the heat, cause messy windstorms and we run the risk of wildfires.

There’s nothing quite like picking out a pumpkin in a tank top and shorts. But, I digress. Luke is really into Halloween this year. And, the timing is a little confusing at best being that we also keep telling him the baby is coming soon. Depending on who asks what he’ll be for Halloween his answer might be:”A shark,” “A big brother,” both..or…”I not dress up, I Lucas.”

This weekend we took him to get his shark costume and when he put it on in the store he had a total meltdown (which I can’t say really surprised me), and so I’m patting myself on the back for my annual tradition of grabbing a cheap backup easy-to-wear costume at the latest consignment sale we hit up and not ordering the cool $45 shark costume I saw on Amazon.

Now that Luke is in pre-school and not daycare, I’m trying to embrace all the work and cost that comes with affiliated school activities. Soccer practice after school. School pictures. Costumes for the school Halloween pageant (I can’t wait to find out more about this but if the latest dance moves at home are any indication it’s going to be spectacular). A mini pumpking for decorating in class. And non-candy give aways for school trick-or-treating and on and on and on. Pray for me come Christmas time.

On Saturday, I decided a little bit of holiday baking was in order. Knowing that my usual holiday cut-outs weren’t going to happen right now, I poked around on Pinterest for a suitable alternative that would be cute enough to take to a few parties while not requiring me to stand in the kitchen for very long.



These green eyed monster cookies were easy enough that Luke helped with most of the process. Given more time/forethought/energy, I’d have loved to split up the dough and made multiple colors. My only tip for anyone wanting to try this is that you need multiple packs of eyes and they’re pricey even with my 60% off one item coupon at JoAnns. I’m hoping to hit up some stores post-Halloween and grab a few packs for next year.

Pumpkin carving is on the docket for this week and this weekend brings a city festival as well. It’s our first year expecting trick or treaters…unless I snarf all of the candy…which at this right is a 50/50 shot.

I can’t wait to see your family costumes Country Mama, you always hit it out of the park. What else is happening at your place for Halloween this year?