Calvin turned two over the weekend. I can’t believe it has been two whole years since he came into our lives and brightened our world. As cliché as it is the last two years have gone by in a flash.


We had a birthday bash for him over the weekend. We had a Magic School Bus party since that is Cal’s favorite show right now. It let us be broad with the theme since Magic School Bus is kind of all over the place.

I made him a volcano cake with dry ice lava. This picture is right after Adam blew out the candles because the dry ice popped and scared him (Adam, not Calvin. Nothing phases that kid).


We asked a friend who is turning a bus into a tiny home if they could bring their bus by for the party. So we had an actual Magic School Bus for the day. The kids loved running around on the bus and honking the horn.


The highlight for Cal was the dozen balloons. He carried them around all day. In fact they got so tangled before the party we had to cut them all apart and retie the ribbons, but once separated and dispersed to decorate the party Calvin quickly gathered them all up again and did not let go for the rest of the day. In fact, he fell asleep holding his bunch of balloons that had to be pried from his sleeping fist. Sweet boy.


I got to add to my kids party fails column. The first major fail was Ellis’ first birthday where we only served alcohol because we were so thrilled to have survived parenting for a year. The thirsty kids at that party would have liked more than water I’m sure. This year’s live and learn lesson was don’t put out a basket of sharpies when there are 15 kids under the age of six. They were for coloring wooden dolls for Calvin’s birthday dollhouse, but I had to remove them 2 seconds into the party when I realized what a tremendously bad idea that was. I have been doing some touch up painting, but it was worth it.