Everyone needs a little space that is just theirs. Adam has a giant office. The boys each have their own rooms and a playroom and if we are being honest, the run of the house. I have a corner of the guest room that is just for me. I call these 33 inches my “office.”


I loved the look of my little office, but the functionality was lacking. The only thing I did at that desk was sew. To do that I had to set up my sewing machine each time I wanted to use it. Because the desk is in the guest room (which gets used at least twice a month) I felt like it needed to be constantly cleared off.



Also Calvin often naps in that bed and my teacup collection was becoming too tempting and winthin reach. I have been longing for a more contained solution to make my office area actually work. I had been considering a secretary desk, but I hadn’t come across anything that looked modern enough or felt sturdy enough to use with a heavy sewing machine.





20151022_111757Enter sad old $35 entertainment center. When flatscreens came in these relics went out, but this guy still had a lot of good things going on. Like the nice pulls, lacquer white doors and a back-lit glass-front compartment. I was pretty sure I could make the tv turntable work as a sewing machine desk.







Once we got it into the space and cleaned up I was in love.

20151029_142351 20151029_142532 20151029_142651


How is Luke’s new space coming along?