Is it just me or did 2014 go by in a blink?

New Year’s really isn’t my favorite holiday — the forced fun and high expectations rarely pan out — but I do love setting goals and aspiring to new better things in the year ahead. So, in the spirit of public accountability, I thought I’d share my resolutions here. I like to make specific resolutions so they may sound silly but, it works for me, so here we go:

1.) Get outside. You’d think this would be surprisingly easy in Southern California but it can quickly go the wayside when it’s too hot or it’s a late night getting home due to traffic. I’m 10 times happier when I’ve spent at least a half hour a day in the fresh air. This was a resolution of mine two years ago and it’s one I really worked on and liked it a lot so it’s back for a reprise.

2.) More (non-knitting) crafts. I’ve pinned more than 100 crafts on my pintrest Craft Time board, I’d like to tackle at least one a month this year. None of them seem super time intensive so I think this will be manageable.

3.) Read and write. Making time for things I love and that replenish me has been hard since Luke has been born. I’m sure every mom everywhere just nodded her head. But, finding a few minutes a day to read has been really fulfilling for me the last few weeks and I most definitely want to continue. Writing this blog, and staying in touch with you, Kat, is definitely another one of those things that I want to continue this year as a few minutes a week for myself.

4.) Save. Each year, Eric and I set a savings goal. It’s fun to have something to work toward as a couple, and the last two years we set a “reasonable” goal and a “stretch” goal since we have income that’s variable. We hit our stretch goal both years, which I’m particularly proud of this year since Luke was born and I took off for four months to stay home with him. This year, we’re going to carry over the goal amounts and add in a 529 savings plan to start putting money away for Luke’s college education.

5.) Be present. Having a child and a career, wanting to still maintain some part of my pre-motherhood life, and finding the balance of living far away from our families but still having time with them — I find it very easy to fall into a state of always wanting more and waiting for the next “stage”. I can already sense from the last 10 months with Lucas that time with him is going to fly and I want to really make the most of the time he’s little. A great book of meditations has helped me with this the last few years and my (lapsed) yoga practice so I think both of those things will help me center myself and realize how great we have things right now.

Anyhow, we’ll see if I make it past Valentine’s Day with any of these resolutions but either way, here’s to a healthy and happy year ahead for us all!