I have no musical sense. One year my new year’s resolution was to learn how to clap on beat. I did it, but it took me all year.

I can, and do, listen to the same song over and over, because I like familiar things and I don’t care much what something sounds like. So I don’t ever really want to hear new music.

I often have to ask Adam what instrument I am hearing in a song. The conversation goes like this:

Me: What is that sound?

Adam: A drum

I often confuse Neil Diamond and Neil (the other one… Armstrong? Just kidding Adam, I just wrote that because I know you are going to edit this…Actually I really can’t remember his name…apparently it is Neil Young). I am not sure they are actually different people.

All of this kills Adam a little. He was in a band in high school. He still jams with some other dads when he can. He plays guitar, base, mandolin, drums, piano and the occasional harmonica. He loves music.

Adam was deeply concerned that our children might inherit my lack of musical interest or understanding. He was most afraid that our kids would only recognize the voices from NPR. He was very proactive in the pursuit of our children’s musical education and he started early. When Ellis was incubating Adam would put headphones on my belly and play a new song for him every night. Adam called himself “DJ daddy” after reading an article about how babies can recognize their parents voices at birth. In fact, Adam’s first words to Ellis were: “Hi baby. It’s DJ daddy.”

As the boys grew Adam implemented one rule, which has made all of the difference: No Kids Music in the Good House.

Adam developed this rule when he was a manny. He didn’t have any kids music and he taught his charges how to listen to “real” music in the car. According to Adam “all music is kids music.”

I am fine with this because I hate the sound of children signing and lots of music for kids seems to be sung by kids. So this ban really was a win-win in our house.

The good news is that Ellis seems to have his father’s musical taste. His current favorite songs are: Boogie Monster (by Dangermouse and CeeLo) and Ruby Soho by Rancid.

Does Eric have strong opinions on the musical environment in your house? I would love the opinion of a pro musician Dad on this one.