Garlic is my favorite thing to grow. Probably because it is simple and fool proof. Growing it literally takes zero effort. It takes less than two minutes to plant. It over winters and it tells you when it is ready to be picked by falling over.

The hardest part is getting it cleaned up to dry. I get real satisfaction from stripping off the outer layer to the pristine second layer.


I have come to love the ritual of the garlic harvest. Everything from the collecting to the cleaning to the braiding. This year I even learned how to french braid the garlic into beautiful ropes for drying.


I got a real kick out of the fact that our garlic gestated longer than our baby. And we were down to our last head of garlic from last year right when these guys fell over. It was so nice to be able to make it the whole year using only the garlic we grew.

This year Ellis helped me with the harvest. Gotta keep the vampires away from this cutie. I love that he is wearing bats while we worked on the garlic this year.


I found this antlers for free. Adam says they are “crazytown” under his breath every time he goes out to the screen porch, but I think they make for the perfect garlic dryer.