Well a lot has happened since the last post. The world literally changed for both of us. City Mama we look forward to your joyful update whenever you are ready…

I have been recovering from the earthquake of an election. I have been shocked at how similar the grief has felt to our loss earlier in the year (can 2016 just end already? It has seriously been the worst year of my life, even the best vacation ever can’t save this year from that distinction…) I have been feeling all the feels since Hillary’s unthinkable loss. I have not handled it well. I pretty much just burned everything to the ground. I went on a rampage and unfriended every Trump supporter I know. Family and friends alike got the ax. I still feel sick to my stomach each day listening to the news. But I am making a concerted effort to notice the good in our lives and create it where needed.

The simple way we are observing this is our wall of gratitude. Adam and I have a nightly ritual of sharing our gratitude right before bed. It helps us see the good and voice our appreciation. For the month of November we have been doing this with the kids as well. Each day we add a gratitude to our wall of thanks.


There is plenty of Hillary on there and I hate to admit it but the day after the election the only thing I could come up with was “water” (I was so dehydrated from crying that water was my saving grace on November 9). We will be able to count our blessings concretely by Thanksgiving. It is helping me regain my bearings.


City Mama what will Thanksgiving be like this year for you with your new little turkey? No matter what I know you are beyond grateful for your family. You cup overflowth with boys!