I made a wonderful discovery recently and jumped in. A new blog. Well, new to me. It is really four years old so I had plenty to wade through, which is all I have been doing for the last few days.

This is it:


Go read it immediately.

It is like if the Bloggess had a baby with Young House Love 100 years ago. This lady is on a quest for Victorian furniture as her husband rehabs their 1880s home. I love in ways that I never loved YHL. Although I was drawn to Victorian furniture once upon a time I am no longer lusting for that so I don’t think I will find myself unconsciously copying her, which I appreciate.  YHL started to infect my own style in ways that didn’t always feel genuine or authentic.

This woman is hilarious and she owns her furniture crazy.

I found her while furiously pinning kitchens on pinterest. She proclaimed:

“It is strange that a total kitchen remodel is one of the most expensive projects you can do in your house… And after you spend all of that money, what you have is a kitchen that looks JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER kitchen. I mean, maybe you project your specialness onto your cabinet doors and countertop… But I am not sure that I can limit my self-expression to knob-choice.”

That really resonated with me.

For her that means converting a piano into an island (City mama you have to see it!) and hanging giant mirrors instead of cabinets, and although that won’t be our route, I love her commitment.

I can’t remember the last time I fell so hard for something on the internet. I am virtually smitten for sure.

For the past year and half there has been a Young House Love shaped hole in my heart. (I am really digging the new YHL podcast!). We have tried in some ways to fill it with this blog. And blogging is a wonderful experience, but I still want to spy on someone else rather than just divulging my own adventure sometimes. This is the perfect fix.