After seeing the Young House Love holiday house tour I was surprised at the lack of garlands. Which made me realize that at least 80% of my holiday decorating relies on garlands. Why, you wonder? They are super quick to hang and visually you get a lot of bang for you buck.

Here is a picture essay of our garland game this year.

The living room is where Christmas is really at in our house. This garland includes sliver snowflake tinsel around the windows and three strands of lights.


Vintage garland around the advent calendar. Check out those amazing mercury glass beads. I also like that this is clearly a Christmas garland, but also confidently bright pink.  (There is another pretty gold garland on the adjacent wall, but it surrounds the french doors to the laundry room which is currently my dump zone and I can’t get it cleaned up enough to take a pic. Trust me it is glorious, especially at distracting from the utter mess that is going on right through the doors).


In the kitchen we have three garlands over the banquet and one fancying up the sink.


Our cards also become a garland when you string them up with some festive gold jingle bells.


I throw a string of mini lights on our wedding picture every year. I think they were once necklaces, but now they are garlands.


And because I got worried that we didn’t have enough garlands going on this year I decided to make another one. I found this cute little gnome cookie mold and pressed paper pulp into it every morning and let it dry overnight. I did that for a week and volia: another garland.


Good on you if you made it to the end of this ridiculous post. And in case I didn’t write this word enough: Garlands are where it’s at in the Good house.