Falling Hard

There’s something inherent about fall that feels like a fresh start. It’s hard to believe it but I started a new job almost a month ago. Leaving my current position was emotional. I loved the mission of the organization and I loved my team. But the commute and stress were taking their toll and I felt caught up in the momentum of things I wasn’t sure I wanted to be doing anymore. An opportunity presented itself that has been a great match. And, the fortuitous timing, has me feeling like I’m starting school again.
Last year, Luke was just a touch too small to really enjoy all the festivities, try as I might. He bearly (get it) tolerated his Halloween costume last
year and he was just starting to enjoy the solid foods at Thanksgiving. We didn’t let him have any candy and, thanks to his first winter in daycare, he was basically sick from October through January. This year, however, I think we have a good shot at really seeing him get into the various opportunities to play and try new things.
Typically, when I’ve let my new year’s resolutions lax since February, I find September a great time to kick-off new habits. I love that everything settles into a routine in the fall. And I love the food, sports, dress and holidays. We’ve all seen on pinterest the lists of 10,000 ways to enjoy whatever holiday season. It’s just so damn overwhelming. But, I do think it’s worthwhile to pick out a few things, least the season fly by and we miss the opportunity.
Visit (at least one) pumpkin patch
Carve/paint a pumpkin
Play in the leaves
Trick or treat
Go on a Hayride
Taste apple cider
Watch the Thanksgiving Day parade
Make turkeys from handprints
Throw a football
Wear flannel (probably with shorts)
Remember to be grateful
I’m looking forward to crossing a few of these off of our list when we see you and your guys next week my dear. I know it’s been quiet on my end lately but I’m dying for the chance to catch up!

Three Years Lucky

Today is the three year anniversary of the scariest moment of my life.

When Ellis was 8 months old we were driving in the car. I turned and got t-boned. The split second after the airbag hit my face and before I heard Ellis cry was terrifying. In fact it is hard to write about, because it is hard for me even to think about it.

It was a terrible accident, but we were lucky in so many ways that day. Had the accident happened 5 minutes before we would have been pushed into construction workers. Had we skidded two more feet we probably would have flipped over into a ditch. Had the car been struck further back, instead of on the passenger side wheel, the impact would have been closer to my child. Even in the midst of tragedy we had luck luck luck and blessings, blessings, blessings.

I took a lot away from the accident. First and foremost, I took away my live, perfect child. The idea that we brushed against a different outcome haunts me. I still cry often if I get startled in the car. Tears are my involuntary reaction. One of the things I can control, and the most important take away from this accident,is the importance of seat belt and car seat safety.


I was wearing my seat belt and Ellis was properly restrained in a rear facing infant car seat when we were hit. He was not injured at all in our crash even though the car was totaled, the airbags deployed and we had to crawl out the only functioning door in the backseat.

I take car seat safety very seriously now, which is why three years later, Ellis still rides rear facing. He is a lightweight so he will probably make it to 4 years before he reaches the 40 pound weight limit for our seat.

Extended rear facing is sometimes thought of as a fringy granola kind of parenting choice, but I am not sure why. Rear facing is 500% (or 5x) safer for your child in a crash (and that is not hyperbole, that is the actual statistic ).
So we rear face and will as long as we can.

The universe taught me a scary lesson that day three years ago, but I think of it every time I pull the straps tight on my precious children. I was lucky enough to get more chances to keep them safe.