Thanks for a great visit my friend! Luke and I had an exceptional time.

I’m so thankful that toddlers, work schedules and weather aligned to make it all 3

I absolutely loved seeing where you thrift, spend your story times and meeting your local mamas.

I loved checking out your house for things I’ve seen in our dorm room, in your apartments and new things that I’d only gotten to check out on the blog.

I loved seeing the boys run free and play with the animals on your farm. I truly loved meeting Cal.

I loved getting to sit and knit with you at night. And I loved that moment when it occurred to me that there were three sweet souls in that house that were getting to meet after many years of our wild friendship.

But I think the part of my visit that was the very best was seeing the family that you and Adam have created — and the larger community that you call home. I love that your home is an open door with friends and family coming through. With 3,000 miles between our nearest relatives, I can imagine that the close quarters you share are at times probably greener pastures to my eyes. But I did witness deep relationships for your family that are not easy to come by in this life. I love knowing that you’ve found a place to put down roots and a place that is home with people who love you and your kids just an arms reach away.

And even though there are so many miles between us…it’s nice to me that the blog has made it not feel that three years had passed since we last visited. I hope that it stays that way.

We’re back into the swing of things here, for the time being. Getting ready for fall and trying to remember that it will cool down here eventually. I’m currently sitting front of a fan, drinking tequila on the rocks in an attempt to find the silver lining to this heat.

How was your anniversary trip and Adam’s surprise gift?