Ellis has always been an independent player. He can sit and play with his toys for a good long time. Having a kid like that is hitting the jackpot so I already feel like I won the lottery with that little boy, but I often stumble on the scene of these epic play sessions and feel even richer.

Ellis has a very distinct style of play. He is a liner-upper. He loves to organize his toys (a chip off the old block) or make “parades.” Anytime I find one of his treasure parades I always imagine that a rainbow just touched down and left this neatly organized pot of gold. I love his little ritual of arranging everything until it is just right. Sometimes the smallest things pack the most joy. Happening upon one of Ellis’ vignettes when I pull out a chair or round the corner into the hallway is the best kind of surprise. It forces me to stop for a moment and appreciate the simple ordered beauty that Ellis found in these objects. I love the reminder from my little guy about the beautiful little things in life.

So to spread the love for Saint Patrick’s Day here are a few of Ellis’ treasure parades. They always bring a smile to my face and I hope they do for you too!

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