First of all, I’m thankful that even though the internet ate my post from last week and I didn’t realize it until Thursday, I knew you wouldn’t mind. Fear not, it was not a script for the ages but merely a note to a friend about the happenings of our recent days. So, whether user error or technology fail, I’m hoping this week’s post makes it to production.

Our thanksgiving was 1

Several years ago, probably 5ish, we decided that Thanksgiving was “our” holiday. There was too much stress in the travel and it was too close to Christmas. So, we set out the goal to really own Thanksgiving. We’ve traveled for Thanksgiving — my favorite being a road trip to Sedona¬†where we biked miles around the mountains each day and cooked like crazy in our vacation rental.

But, the last three years we laid low. I was pregnant, then we had a little Lucas with a cold, and this year, a bigger Lucas who was recovering from croup.

Wednesday night we were all in the kitchen baking together. We make Eric’s grandmother’s sour cream apple pie. Luke stirred the ingredients together waiting patiently until I measured something else out. We made pumpkin pie from the recipe on the back of the can. And with the excess pumpkin, bread for the morning.

Thursday we watched the parade and Luke danced around our living room cheering at Gloria Estefan and the Rockettes. We had FaceTime visits with all the aunts, uncles and grandparents. We all took naps.

About an hour before dinner, Luke was getting stir crazy and I wasn’t far behind. We took a quick walk around our neighborhood just at dusk. It was amazing seeing cars pull up to houses where people were rushing to greet each other. Music was playing loud enough that we could hear it in the street thanks to open doors and windows. And we could hear people chatting and laughing. After so much bad news in the world the last few weeks, it reminded me that by and large people are good and want to love and give and care for one another. It was truly good for my soul.

photo 2Our dinner was delicious. We made brie en crute at lunchtime stuffed with mushrooms. A turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes for dinner — paired with leftover roast pumpkin from dinner out earlier in the week (Eric claimed this was such a city mama move that I had to include it). And afterwards, we danced in our living room before Luke went to bed.

photo 3Friday, Luke’s day care was open and we took him for a few hours so that we could take a hike. We drove to Angeles National Forest and followed a trail¬†that we’ve hiked before. We were above the snow line so it was nice and brisk — a great change for people who are constantly sweaty when they’re out. Then we hopped off the trail in search of something Eric saw on the map called Super Cloud Hallow. It was a huge open expanse in the midst of rows of mountain peaks. Deer must spend tons of time there because we saw lots of scat and antlers.

photo 4The rest of the weekend was for errands, decorating and just hanging out. Sunday night, Hollywood puts on an annual Christmas parade with high school bands from around the country and a host of D-list celebrities. Luke has never been to a parade so we thought we’d try it. He loved it. The parade was an hour late in starting but he was throughly entertained practicing going up and down on the curb, watching the blimp fly over head and looking for dogs. I think it was the icing on the cake when the police motorcycles flew by and the real show started. Definitely a great experience for him and a fun time for us.

I feel like the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is compressed this year. Especially since we’re traveling on the earlier side of the holiday. Christmas is here in full swing and I’m busy with crafts, making my list and checking it twice. How about you??