Sitting here at the end of a busy weekend, I feel content to say that Luke’s first birthday was a success. Not that he’ll ever know one way or another, but we heard from and saw so many friends, reminisced about our early days with him and spent some good quality cuddle time. I couldn’t have planned for a better way to commemorate.

The festivities started on Wednesday with a great celebration at Luke’s day care. There were two first birthdays this week so the whole “school” came together to celebrate the guys. The kids were all told they had to sing for their cupcakes and they preformed six or seven songs while we watched. We have awesome video and pictures, but in the spirit of not putting other people’s children online without their knowledge, you’ll just have to take my word for it. After the dancing, Luke got to dive in to his very own cupcake. He loved it so much he actually tried to nab the remnants of the other birthday boy’s treats too.

Thursday was our 12-month well baby check and Luke put on a total show for his doctor. He was flirting like crazy while showing off his ability to wave, clap, touch his nose and walk. He tolerated the exam very well and impressed us all with his height hitting the 99th percentile. I’m going to be looking up at this little one before I know it.

Our picnic with friends was planned for Saturday and we had great weather in spite of the prediction of rain. Unfortunately it was a bit cool but the kids were bundled up and running around so they didn’t really seem to mind. We had about 15 people meet us for snacks and cake. I really was thankful to have our LA support system on hand to celebrate Luke’s first year.

I’m loving each new phase with Luke and I think that as he becomes more verbal and interactive this year, we’ve got some amazing things in store. It’s a great feeling having one year of parenting under our belt and I’m hopeful that it only gets easier from here….right? 😉