We’ve shifted gears the last few weeks at Casa Asterson

IMG_6851After starting Luke at a nearby daycare the beginning of August, we quickly realized that this was not the place for us. And, I have to say, there was really nothing wrong with the daycare. They adored our kid, doted on him, he was safe and had a great time there each day. It was in fact, probably not far off from babysitting experiences that Eric and I each had growing up. It felt a little like being with an attractive guy who you just couldn’t have a conversation with. It’s not you, it’s me and all of that.

Luke’s at an age where he is definitely seeking out information and I think it’s important that we take advantage of that as best we can because he is in a group care setting more than either of us ever were. So, in a move that has made me feel more like a yuppie parent than just about anything I can imagine, we abruptly moved him to a full time preschool on the other side of town. My reasoning being that it was better to not let him get too settled and then switch him again when we could go through all the adjustment at once.

Maybe it’s a cop-out on my part, but knowing he’s eating super healthy organic food at school where he hoses everything that’s put in front of him means that we don’t have fights at home where he is quick to announce “don’t want it” or “I don’t like it” the second something new is on the scene.

When he’s outside running around with other kids a few hours a day, he’s calm at home and we get to have the focused attentive time where we can teach him new things versus trying to keep him from practicing his base climbing up the walls of our living room.

And, knowing he’s getting a head start in some core educational principals doesn’t hurt either.IMG_6951

I had initially been reluctant to put him in preschool because he’s young for it still and this isn’t a place where we can take the baby come spring. But, I think that two drop offs will be worth it to know that for the next six months, Luke is getting the most out of the time that he can’t be with us. To be honest, my mom guilt about working is greatly assuaged when I am jealous of the place my kid is hanging out.

I have to say, my little man handled the change like a champ. He is used to a structured day with a lot of varied activity so where I thought preschool might be too much formality, it’s actually been an easier day than we were having the last few weeks. I have tothrow in here that this school offers “add on” classes where they bring in dance teachers, athletic coaches and language instructors to offer immersion sessions in the afternoon. We’re going to give Luke some time to get settled but we’ve been laughing at the thought of him taking hip hop dance and tae kwon do. This past week, Luke got to brush an alpaca and played the violin during an introductory instrumental session at school. It seems I am more of a helicopter parent that I care to admit.

Amidst all of that, we’ve started our compost bin, fought back a gigantic wall of bamboo that was hiding dead shrubbery the size of a Volkswagen beetle, watched two weeks of Olympics while I did a tiny bit of baby knitting, and took our kid to the county fair, beach and a killer birthday party hosted by a lady you and I both know and love. There’s lots to write about but my thoughts seem scattered lately. I could chalk it up to pregnancy brain but in truth there’s just been a whole lot going on. It will probably get a little worse before it gets better but I’m hoping I can eek out some coherent posts before things go really down hill. Eric’s been working on a revamp of Luke’s crib. We’re swapping out the furniture in Luke’s room for a big boy room and our front porch is maybe the first place in the house that’s coming together as a space of our own.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I can’t wait to show you some of the fun homey things that have been going on over here.