How is it July already?

The only good thing I can see from the feeling of each year passing more quickly, is that it’ll be easier to keep my resolutions because it will feel like I just made them.

I thought that six months out would be a good time for a check in so here’s where I stand.

  • Get outside. This is going incredibly well. As the mom of an incredibly active toddler, outside is my savior. Luke is happier outside, he can (generally) run farther without incident, and there is so much to do and explore. Of all my resolutions, this one has been the easiest to maintain. We’re easily outside a half hour a day and much longer on the weekends.
  • More non-knitting crafts. This is a complete and total fail. The only thing I have done besides a little knitting is color in Luke’s coloring books and plant a few plans.
  • Read and write. I’m reading! So, that’s a good thing. I never thought I’d love my kindle so much but I’m pounding out a book a month or so. Currently the other books by “The Happiness Project” writer Gretchen Rubin. Writing that’s another story…aside from work where I write every day, I really can only get my act together to write here once every other week or so and that is bumming me out. I really want to improve that.
  • Save. We’re doing okay on our savings. Two family weddings that we had to travel for earlier this year cut into that progress for awhile but we’re on track now and in a reasonable spot to hit our goal by the end of the year. In June I challenged myself to pack my lunch for work every day and that helped a lot…I may need to carry that on for the next 6 months!
  • Be present. I’d say this is going well too. Maybe to the detriment of some of my colleagues, I’m pretty hardlined about work/life balance. I want to work. I love my job and I love the mission of the organization I work for. However, come 5, I want to be on my way home to the lights of my life and the ones I do this all for. It’s a conscious decision each day but, for now, it’s working well.

I really believe that you need goals and to shoot for something. One of my favorite sayings is “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Maybe it’s being very comfortable with failure, but I like finding tasks and milestones to work toward…little victories to help me mark time that maybe make the year feel like it isn’t flying by so fast after all.