Tonight as we were playing with Luke after dinner, I was telling Eric that I was at a loss for this weeks blog post. I’ve been trying to think of something reflecting on what we’re thankful for but in the wake of recent world events everything sounds trite. His recommendation…write it as you’d write an email to Kat, because isn’t that the point. Touche sir, touche. Here goes.

Hey girl,

How’s it been going with Adam’s new job and your new normal? I’m sure you’re all ready for a break for the holiday. I can’t wait to hear about your bourbon them or is it bacon…I can’t remember specifically but I know it started with a B 🙂

We’ve decided in the end to stay here. Probably will be just the three of us for dinner though we’re making food for an army. Two types of stuffing and two types of pie. At least this year I restrained myself and just bough a turkey breast instead of an entire bird. We were at dinner the other night and the restaurant had chili roasted pumpkin as a special side. Hoping Luke would eat it, I ordered some. When he didn’t eat a bite, I told Eric we had an extra side without any effort. He said “That’s a city mama move if I ever saw one.”

Friday we’ll take Luke to daycare and go for a hike. I feel partially guilty about that but honestly, we’ll take him late and pick him up early and it will most definitely recharge me for weeks to come.

I’ve been run-ragged this week. He got sick Wednesday with croup. After last winters double hospital stays, I’m incredibly paranoid when that kid starts coughing. So, Thursday looked like this:

8 – Luke home from daycare, me already at work to start a conference call promptly at 8. Dialing the doctors office from the other line to get him an appointment for later that day.

11 – leave work to go get Luke and Eric who could only stay home with him in the morning.

12 – visit the dr who tells us its croup and just to watch him

1 – Pulling into our apartment and taking a conference call from the car while Eric takes Luke upstairs for a nap

1:30 – Second call, I’m wrapping that up while Eric’s walking out the door. Luke is awake and fussing that I’m not paying enough attention to him.

2:30 – Another call starts. Luke’s on my lap watching TV, bopping in time to the on hold music while I wait for my coworkers to join.

3:00 – Eric’s back. I hop in the car while still on my call and head back into the office to be in person for the meeting I was missing.

6:00 – finally head home to start the night for which we are up every two hours.

Days like that make me want to weep and promptly move our family to Pennsylvania but fortunately those days are few and far between. We wound up getting a prescription for Luke on Friday and he snapped out of things relatively quickly though he still has a lingering cough that I REALLY hate.

Anyhow I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving time already. I’m so looking forward to celebrating with our little family of three and heading to PA to see the bigger clan in just a few weeks. I hope you guys enjoy so much and that the boys have an amazing holiday. Can’t wait to hear all about it!