There are a bunch of things that I want to record for my own memory but they don’t fit neatly in a blog post, so here is a random list of what Luke’s been up to these days.

  • Clapping, peek-a-boo and “touchdown” all revealed themselves during dinner one night last week. I was beside myself at all the things he had finally put together that day.
  • Saying daddy, momma and turtle, his first words in that order. I actually think the fact that he says mommy and turtle makes up for him saying daddy first. He’s getting close to saying Kitty and thank you. He says “oh” when he purposefully drops food at the dinner table.IMG_2984
  • Eating everything‚Ķthere really isn’t a food he doesn’t like except for peaches and I have to fight the compulsion to give them to him just because it’s so weird to me. Just for kicks I gave him rosemary garlic sourdough bread that I get at the farmers market, it’s super flavorful and I thought he’d make a face. Not this kid, he was clambering for more.
  • Throwing. This may be a problem; more for our neighbors downstairs than for us. Luke likes to take all his hard toys and toss them across the hardwood floor to make as much noise as possible. His favorite time to play this game is 6 am.IMG_2965
  • He’s so close to walking I don’t know what to do with myself. We’ve gotten a few wobbly steps here and there and he races around when he’s holding onto one of us or his little push cart so as soon as he gets confident I know we’re done for.
  • The confidence walking and standing has led to some spectacular dancing and Luke’s love for music is really showing through. We recently took him up to the recording studio where Eric works and let him sit behind the soundboard and listen to one of the pieces Eric recorded. He immediately began bopping to the beat and moving the levels. I think he’s a natural.IMG_2996

This list kind of reminds me of when we used to write letters back and forth during your PeaceCorps days. Remember how I used to send you stupid rid-bits about books and pop culture even when you were so far away. I could never wait to get to my apartment to read your letters and would wind up rushing through them in the elevator on my way to the door. I remember getting the letter telling me you were getting engaged and throwing open the door to my apartment with tears of happiness, Eric really thought I was crazy then!

Hope you are having a great week my dear!