So my big reveal hardly compares to yours, City Mama, but I did chop off all of my hair. It is the shortest I have ever gone.


It was a little impulsive and I am adjusting to the fact that everyone in my family has a “boy” cut now. In fact Ellis’ hair is longer than mine.

Here are a few lessons I have learned about short short hair in less than a week of being in the club.

Short does not mean low-maintenance
I used to throw my hair into a ponytail each day or twist it back. It didn’t need to be washed daily which suited my life just fine. Now this super short hair requires styling and attention, which brings me to my second point…

Short hair requires products, lots o products
I knew so little about hair products that I actually had to make two trips to the store with research in between to figure out what pomade is and how and when to use it. So if you go short plan on spending a ton more time “doing” your hair.

Pixie cuts don’t just show off your hair…
As long you are spending more time on your hair you will probably need to spend more time on the rest of your face. I find myself reaching for mascara and making sure my eyebrows are groomed much more this week.

Pixie cuts really do show off your hair, especially your white ones
I didn’t tell the kids I was cutting my hair. Cal looked at me a little funny when I got home, but he still recognized me. Ellis didn’t notice any change until Adam asked him if anything was different with mommy. Then he shouted “oh no mommy your hair is turning white.” Fair point kid. My white hair is much more prominent with this short do.

Ultimately it is fun to try something new and worth the plunge.