I learned a valuable thing about myself today. I am NOT a food crafter.

As I was meal planning this morning I saw an enticing pin about how to make Easter bunnies and chicks from pretzels and white chocolate. Since I was one my way to the grocery store I thought I would give it a try.


They came out ok. Ellis calls the bunnies “kitty-cats”, but it is not a terrible attempt.

While I like the idea of cute food (it feels like the puns of the culinary world), I just don’t like it enough to actually want to do it ever again.

So now I am working on a paper craft for Easter because I do love a good garland. Paint chip Easter eggs, Yes Please!


I’ll admit I don’t really get Easter. It wasn’t a huge holiday in my family. And I confess it celebrates spring which is not my favorite season. I am probably the only one, but I always get a little sad around Easter, because it is when I finally give up hope of one last snow.

I am also really unclear about how this whole Easter Bunny thing works. Is it like Santa? Do I have to hide all the basket goodies before they are unveiled in a basket or eggs?

This will be our establishing Easter (since it will be the first one Ellis might remember) and I don’t really have our ducks in a row yet. The only thing I am on top of is Easter baskets. And the only reason I am on top of it is because Gram weaves beautiful baskets for all the grandkids and we use the same one each year. I like that we don’t have to scramble to find a new basket every year. Here is Ellis with his beautiful basket two years ago:


City Mama, do you have any Easter traditions you love (that I can steal)?