This year I had that groundbreaking idea that I could take things away before bringing out Christmas. I realized most people probably do this every year and are thinking “duh,” but it was new to me. I cleared all the surfaces and only put out Christmas décor that I loved. It felt lighter and better and still just the right amount of sentimental.

Before you think I have crossed over to the minimal dark side…don’t worry. I still somehow increased our Christmas items by adding thrifty lit greenery (don’t search pintrest for “lit greenery” trust me) and another mid-century tinsel tree.

An aside on the tinsel tree(s). I spent years stalking the most perfect silver tinsel tree at the thrift store. It took two years but the price finally came down from $300 to less than $50 so I got up early the day after Christmas (when I knew it would be 75% off) and snagged it. That’s the tale of the first tree. Our New Year’s tree. The tale of the second tree is that is showed up at the thrift store this year for only $50 and after stalking the first tree for so long I couldn’t not buy the second, even though who needs two vintage silver tinsel trees? This gal apparently.

The good news is Ellis got really into setting up his “silver forest” this year. We set up both trees on New Years Eve (for our awesome 6 and under New Years party) and they are the same height! Ellis requested the trees stay up for his birthday, which was perfect because it snowed for his birthday and he was out of school for three days, so a slightly festive house was really nice during the unexpected holiday.

So back to the pre-Christmas purge. Instead of bringing things back after Christmas I decided I didn’t miss most of the things so it was time to sell. I sold all the odds and ends to a local vintage shop for a cool $100, but what I really banked was karma, because since getting rid and paring down I have had more room for life-long wish-list items.

As you know Lo, I tinker, but I am working towards forever homes and placements for all of my things. I love refining, but I don’t t like rearranging. In the living room I am totally satisfied with our sofa, rug, large original art and bookshelves. I have one unsettled corner that has flirted with a variety of chairs, and for 1 month a year it is our Christmas tree spot, but I have been on the lookout for the perfect leather reading chair for YEARS.

And today I found it.

Behold the perfect leather club chair and ottoman. Best part the chair was only $35 and the ottoman $25. It is made by Hancock and Moore. A super lux/expensive brand, but it has a tear in the arm. I was able to patch it easily with some super glue and spare swatch under the seat cushion and willing to risk it for $60 total for the set. It is everything I ever wanted in a cushy chair and the price was beyond right. It was on the floor at the habitat restore (same place I scored the rug for $200 and the double bookshelf for $25) for less than an hour. I got it home just in time for the biggest snowstorm we have ever had in NC. We got a foot of snow! And this chair was the hottest seat in the house. Perfect for reading when our internet went out.

That corner of our house used to be cluttered with a toy basket full of oversized junk that didn’t fit into the playroom (ie the room dedicated to toys). We took that basket out to make way for the Christmas tree and the boys haven’t mentioned it at all. We also removed Calvin’s wingback monthly chair only because the cats were destroying it and that is something I need to last for yearly pictures (this is the only thing they claw—it must have particularly satisfying stuffing, because there are at least 10 other upholstered pieces that they don’t mess with).

So the moral of this long story, aside from patience, is tithing. I finally made a contribution in the universe of things for the random crap I didn’t really need and I was rewarded with the thing I always wanted. Life is funny like that. And I am grateful.