Holidays really are for kids. Living far away from family, most holidays have lost their grand appeal. We may do something small but we never really find the spirit like I think I would if we were living closer to our niece and nephews. It’s one of the very many reasons I was so excited to start a family.

Picking Luke’s Halloween costume this year was easy. We referred to him as Little Bear since long before we had his name chosen. Finding an affordable bear costume was another issue…but thanks to a small gift card from toys r us and a modifying an existing costume a bit, I was happy with the results.


He tolerated the costume very well and looked especially cute crawling around and practicing steps covered in fur. We celebrated at church last week, with the knitters on Thursday night, and at his daycare on Friday. It was raining during trick or treat (and we were just going to go for a walk in costume) so we’ll save that for next year.


I got into the fun this year and dressed up with my team at work. We’ve been expanding like crazy lately, and after joking that we were infesting like ants, we had our costume picked. I didn’t have time to contribute much but everyone of them are crafty as well so they came up with some great concepts. While there was no official contest at work, I think it’s safe to say we won.

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I’ve already started thinking about what we’ll do to make Thanksgiving special since that’s a holiday Eric and I have usually celebrated on our own. I’m thinking Macy’s parade, pumpkin bread and mashed potatoes. Did you have any good holiday traditions when your little ones were this age?