Two of my favorite people are pregnant right now. City Mama and Michelle. They both are choosing to be surprised at the birth and wait to find out the sex. And they both happen to be excellent knitters. Both factors up the pressure on my customary baby knit.

I LOVE knitting for babies. I usually make a blanket, but I have made everything from sweaters, to mobils to stuffed animals. For two of my best knitting mamas I wanted to make beautiful small car seat blankets.

I have gifted both of the blankets so I am excited to be able to share them here now.


City Mama I made my favorite “rainbow” blanket for you. This is my favorite blanket for a boy or a girl because it has all the colors and it is bright! There is nothing babyish about this blanket, but it goes with everything. I made this blanket for a friend and every time I saw it I was envious, which was silly. So I made one for Cal too. I also love that this blanket is a sweet reminder of your rainbow baby (a baby after the storm of loss). The honeycomb pattern is also very similar to the interlocking cowl we made together a few years ago.

For Michelle I wanted to create something vegan (since Michelle is) so I choose linen and something that incorporated Michelle and Nukes wedding fabric. I had the honor of marrying Michelle and Nuke last year and they did one of the coolest things I have ever seen at a wedding. They asked all of the guests to create elements of their outfits using a coordinating fabric, so at the wedding everyone kind of matched in their own special way. I had yards of fabric left over and I wanted to back the blanket with this sentimental fabric. This blanket is knit from the outside in so the cast on is 800+ stitches, but it gets faster as you go.

I can’t wait to meet these babies in the next few months. I have had so much fun preparing for them.