Is there anything better than holidays with kids?

We had so much fun celebrating Easter this year.

I wasn’t sure that I was ready to take on the task of painting eggs with a two-year-old. I know plenty of people do it. But I feel like there will be plenty of years ahead for that.

However, I did find a wooden egg for painting in the dollar aisle at Target. Along with a $2 wooden birdhouse that I thought would look particularly sweet in our new yard. (Sidenote: Eric has taken to calling it the $10 aisle and I think he’s probably right.) A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday evening, Luke and I sat down at the kitchen table with our paints. He did spectacular. Aside from having to quell my own OCD of wanting the egg to look perfect and for him to stay inside the lines, he didn’t eat the paint or make a mess and seemed to have a great time. In fact, he enjoyed it so much that I let him help me put on the base coat for the bird house I’m working on. This project definitely inspired me to do more craft projects with Luke. He sits patiently and really does want to help and create. So, a trip to the local craft store kids aisle is definitely in order.

Turns out, his daycare decided to celebrate Easter as well. I wasn’t sure how they would approach it, being in a largely Jewish neighborhood. But the parents and kids all seemed excited about the toilet-paper-roll rabbits, pom-pom chicks and rabbit masks that came home each day. On Friday they sent the kids each home with a giant Easter basket and inside was the egg each child had painted. How they are brave enough to give a dozen toddlers paints and hard boiled eggs I will never know but it seemed to go just fine.

IMG_5505Last Sunday our church had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Luke enjoyed it. He grabbed a handful of eggs which he is still carrying through the apartment and he had hero-worship over a bigger boy who gave him an egg and a hug.

Most Easters before Luke we would take a long hike. Identifying more spiritually than religious, I often find more connection with the IMG_5526universe in the woods than the church. We decided Saturday would be a great day for a hike. Spring and even early winter are really the best times to hike here. Its rainy or overcast during the winter and the summer and fall can be way way too hot. So we try to make the most of the weeks with cooler temps but sunny skies. We chose a short 1-mile out and back nature trail that’s designed for kids. It has a small waterfall at the end and markers along the way to point out things of interest. Luke walked most of the trail himself. But it was slow going as he climbed every rock, stopped to listen for birds and attempted to pet each dog we encountered along the way. So it goes with toddlers and I know that the investment in outside time now will (hopefully) make for a lifetime of us exploring the woods together.

Sunday morning we were up early finding eggs and baskets. I’ll admit. This was the first year I made an Easter basket for Luke. Maybe I’m too practical. I just didn’t think he’d “get it” other years and he has so much stuff anyway. This year, his basket was full of snacks we need anyway, a new cup and bigger socks. His first Easter we got him a balloon. And last Easter we let him try ice cream for the first time so I don’t think he’s been entirely cheated.

Because we skipped church, we decided to watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform Handle’s Messiah with a full orchestra. It was beautiful and Luke and I danced around the living room for quite awhile.

10650039_10154010422849898_7962341317588747959_nWe were invited to Easter brunch with a friend’s family. They’re incredibly kind to allow us to join so many holidays and we’ve come to know even the extended family quite well at this point. Luke humored me and wore his Easter hat for far longer than I expected. And we enjoyed great food and excellent conversation.

We spent the afternoon and evening  at home. Cooking our favorite Easter foods and watching UNC’s great win.

We have such full lives and so much to be thankful for. I hope that if Luke takes anything away from these holidays, it will be that. I always find it a great reminder for myself.

What did you get up to on Easter Sunday? I sure loved the outfits!!!