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When I was on maternity leave and stressing about becoming a working mama, a friend of mine from church told me about Stitch Fix. It’s a customized box-shipment. Think, personalized stylist delivers clothes in your size to your door. I love nothing more than getting packages so for $20 I figured it would be worth the experiment and a nice “back to work” gift for myself. I scheduled the delivery for the Friday of my first week back.


My first “fix” I only kept one of the five items and, I probably would have sent it back except my $20 went toward the top. It was just a sweet navy button down tank that I actually wear all the time now but I’m sure I could have found it for cheaper had I looked on my own. I think that my description of myself as a new mom threw them off though because all they gave me were cotton maxi skirts that, while pretty, were wildly overpriced at $60 and $70. The curse of being crafty is that I know what it takes to make a maxi skirt and the hour plus $10 of jersey just doesn’t add up to that price point.


I did refer it to a few people though so my second “fix” was styled for free and I wanted to give it another go. When it arrived I loved EVERYTHING. Drat. Fortunately, you get 25% off when you keep it all. The fix netted me a dress, short sleeve top with a deep V back, cardigan, a raglan long sleeved top with a pretty chain print and a tank.IMG_2939

I bragged on the service so much the second time, that I got three more referrals. Plus, my sister and brother-in-law gave me a gift card for Christmas. Bonus! I had my third fix scheduled already in advance of an upcoming event. It arrived last week and I’m pretty happy with it! Unfortunately the dress I totally loved didn’t fit (I blame the fact that I’m still nursing) and so I forwent the 25% discount. I wound up keeping two of the pieces a textured color block top and a pin tuck jersey tank. The Chambray shirt was awesome and incredibly soft but overpriced in my opinion and a cute cardigan that was just a bit too trendy and pricey for me.


I pride myself in being eternally thrifty, and that really hasn’t changed, but the time I can allocate to digging through thrift stores is very limited these days. Supplementing my bargain wardrobe with a few more current pieces that push my style a little bit has been well worth it. I also love how they send you recommendations for styling because they definitely suggest things I wouldn’t have thought of yet. Here’s my referral link in case anyone’s interested in checking it out.

The last 7 months as a working mom have had some major ups and downs. One thing I know for sure is that finding shortcuts and treating yourself from time to time are a must. I definitely believe in freeing up myself so that the time I do spend with Luke each day is as focused on him as possible. Stitch Fix is one of the ways I’ve been able to do that.

Mamas, whatever you do each day, find a way to treat yourself, you deserve it.