Fire season is a thing here in SoCal. I recently learned that it isn’t a defined set of months, but that it varies year to year based on when the fire departments staff up to handle the extra wildfire demands of our climate.

We’ve all heard that naturally occurring wildfires need to happen. And, I believe it. I took an environmental studies class during my semester in Australia and we spent a lot of time learning about plants that don’t seed unless the heat of a fire causes them to do so. Still, the horrid conditions of our draught and the carelessness of people leads to more fires than we care to see here on the west coast. Add to that the booming population butting right up against forest lands and it’s a recipe for disaster.


We live far enough away from open space that it’s not a threat to our home, but the air quality and conditions impact us all. Last week when my parents were visiting, we actually had to scoot out of Hollywood early because a fire along a freeway was spelling imminent traffic nightmares.


This weekend, we woke on Saturday to find that a small fire that had started Friday night had monstrously ballooned thanks to overnight winds. The picture above is the sky outside our house on Saturday morning. That same fire is still burning and the avid hiker in me is sad about the after effects and what it will mean for the foliage, plants and trails.

IMG_6718After quickly cleaning up the effects of the windstorm at our place, we dashed back inside to escape the bad air quality and the blazing heat of the weekend. Much like a snow day, we had to manage Luke and his need to get out energy in the best way possible.

We cuddled up and watched movies, which is something he’s only recently begun to sit through.

We did crafts. (Nothing like sharing our obsessions early.)IMG_6722IMG_6724

Eric made a second round of fish tacos with a spicy pablano cream sauce that I’ve been craving like crazy.IMG_6726

And, we made homemade Popsicles thanks to a mold I found at Ikea for just $1.99. Recipe here.


All in all I’d still call the day a win. But, I’m hoping it’s not something we have to do too much more of this year. On the scale of problems from the fire, I’d take ours every time because I know it’s a lucky break compared to those whose homes were lost.

How’s the weather where you are Country Mama? Hot and muggy?