We are back from Iceland (a post or maybe posts on that to follow). And after 11 weeks my parents moved out of our house and into their own! We are settling back into living on our own after the vacation of a lifetime.

With just a few days to spare I wanted to share our Halloween decorating. We don’t go all out at Halloween, but we do get festive. I decorated at the beginning of October so we would have plenty of time to enjoy all of the spiders and bats.

Each year I like to add one homemade decoration, but this year I got inspired and added three.

The first are these felt sugar skulls that I embroidered. This was an easy nap craft. I was going to do bats too, but I gave up.

img_20161027_150947 img_20161027_151023

The second was this sugar skull plate that I just free handed with a sharpie one night. I have two more orange tin plates that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. Now that I don’t have the creative outlet of the boys’ weekly photos I have to scratch the itch to draw sometimes.


The third Halloween craft is my favorite because it is knit and pun-y. I never got into the Keep Calm and Carry On craze, but you know I love a good pun, so I couldn’t resist knitting up a Keep Calm and Carrion pillow. I got to test out my Iceland yarn so it was a win on all fronts.


I usually start planning our Halloween costumes in August. As soon as I saw the Between Two Ferns with Hillary Clinton I knew I wanted that. However, Adam pointed out that I would never be able to convince the boys to be ferns. He also randomly shaved off his beard last week into a handlebar mustache and I don’t think he will be able to pull off a Zach Galifianakis beard in time. So this year the boys just want to be dinosaurs and I think we will probably go as their Jurassic Park style wranglers.

I will have to settle for carving a Hillary pumpkin instead. Eight years ago I carved these Obama pumpkins. I love a good political pumpkin.


How are you costuming that baby belly? Pregnant costumes are my favorite! I was a treasure troll the only year I was pregnant at Halloween. Baby Ellis is in that bejeweled belly.