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Times They Are A-Changing

We just got back from our first family trip that actually kind of felt like a vacation. For 6 years we have been firmly observing the sad truth of traveling with little ones: “There are no vacations with children, just changes of scenery.” – City Mama’s Sister It had been so long that I forgot what an adventure could be, even if it was a familiar one. We visited DC for spring break.. Read More

The Little Activist That Couldn’t

My flavor of activism has always been craftivism. It feels like the perfect intersection of my passions: crafting and justice-seeking. I live for a beautiful and punny protest sign. I knit 25 pussy hats for the Women’s March last year, and 6 brain hats for the March for Science. I love the idea that something I made represented from DC to Denver. Sending my crafts out into the world helped me feel connected.. Read More

That’s Amore

This is not a post about love. It’s actually about the first half of that lyric: “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie.” When the last Blue/Blood Supermoon rolled around we decided to observe it in style. We can’t see the moon rising from our house in the woods. By the time it reaches the open sky it isn’t impressively huge and our kids are usually asleep. So we.. Read More

Snow Day Books

This year I finally separated our snow day stuff from our Christmas stuff. It almost never snows by Christmas in North Carolina and we are all packed up by the time we get snow in January, February and sometimes even March. I LOVE a snow day probably because I grew up in the snow. It feels like it is in my DNA. But because it snowed for 6 months a year in Colorado.. Read More

Out With The Old And In With The New(ish)

This year I had that groundbreaking idea that I could take things away before bringing out Christmas. I realized most people probably do this every year and are thinking “duh,” but it was new to me. I cleared all the surfaces and only put out Christmas décor that I loved. It felt lighter and better and still just the right amount of sentimental. Before you think I have crossed over to the minimal.. Read More


This year we are lucky enough to get to spend the holidays with Adam’s whole family. His youngest brother and family will be visiting from the west coast for a few weeks. As I was bringing my sister-in-law up to speed about how we celebrate Christmas here I realized that this is not a tradition-loving group. We have done some fun things in the past like White Elephant thrift store gifts exchanged through.. Read More


This year was rough, but knitting saved me. Knitting can be a kind of meditation when you are anxious, and I was. So as Adam went through his roller coaster job search I kept knitting (and as compulsive/addictive habits go, knitting is a pretty good one). It means that I got my ornaments done early this year. Each year I knit a new Christmas ornament as a keepsake for my kids, teacher gifts,.. Read More

Writing What’s Wrong

I’m glad we are back! There are so many things I want to blog about, I don’t even know where to begin. I have been paralyzed by stress for most of 2017. The inauguration of doom was exacerbated by our own family drama of unemployment. Job searching when you have a family to support is an emotional roller-coaster. I want to write about that. We tried to use what we had: time. So.. Read More

Magic Coloring Potion

I have a confession. I don’t like kid art. Or kid crafts.  I certainly love to create art and crafts myself, and I appreciate that art and crafts of other skilled artisans and crafters, but I don’t appreciate them from kids. I am deeply grateful that Ellis has only brought home 3 crafts from school in 3 years. It is probably the elitist in me that likes things done well and I don’t.. Read More

Not today

Today I will participate in the Women Strike. I will not do my usual work. There will be no school drop off and pick up. No story-time at the library today, even though I know those things are important. That’s the point. When women don’t work, important things don’t happen. I will strike (as much as a mom can). Join me in striking or supporting a woman on strike, because let’s face it,.. Read More