The secret’s out!

Four hundred of our closest friends and family are now in on news that Eric and I’ve been keeping to ourselves since March. And now dear reader, you are too:


That’s right, Lucas is going to be a big brother.

Deciding to get pregnant is a unique conversation in our house. I know there are women who plan their pregnancies to avoid major holidays, work and life events or to align with their preferred astrological sign. But, my life doesn’t work like that. We basically just roll the dice and play the hand as it lies.

After last year’s molar pregnancy, our doctor put us on the sidelines for six months after my hcg returned to zero. That process took several months and so in the end, it was more like a year on hold in our family planning journey. And, as soon as we got the all clear, I was sent to India for work and we knew we wanted to wait until after I returned from that.

Truth be told, I was devastated when I heard about that delay. I’m not a patient person. I can’t wait the 30 steps from my mailbox to the front door to open a letter. But, I didn’t have a choice. Getting pregnant too soon could mean a miscarriage or even cancer. So, I got an IUD and followed doctors orders.

We decided to make the most of this “found time” as a family of three. And so, I made a list of things that I wanted to do before trying to conceive again. That list included:

  • Visit Kat in North Carolina
  • Take a photography class
  • Get a new job in a more supportive environment
  • Move to a bigger place

And, as life would have it, we hit 3 of the 4. And truthfully, a photography class is something I can do down the line.

IMG_6447So far this pregnancy has been…eventful? Is maybe the right word. And Luke’s was too.

With Luke, I found out I was pregnant a week before having to switch health insurance providers. Meaning that the maternal fetal medicine specialist who had walked us through the loss of our first pregnancy wouldn’t be accessible to me. I raced to urgent care for some assurance that this pregnancy would be fine. But at 5 weeks, there was nothing for them to see and the “helpful” urgent care doctor told me there was an 80% chance I would lose the pregnancy. Which is statistically right, but not helpful for a terrified hormonal grieving lady.

This time, I had bleeding right in time with my cycle. And so I missed the entire first month. When I thought I had tested early during month two, I was actually several weeks along. And my initial blood work that showed high HCGs, alarmed my doctor and I both as instead of week 5, I was actually week 9. I was so convinced that I was losing this pregnancy that I prepared myself, Eric, my parents and my boss for time off work and for healing. Eric and I both felt that this needed to be our last pregnancy regardless of the outcome in order for us to move forward in a healthy and productive manner in our lives.

Imagine my surprise when the ultrasound visit showed a strong heartbeat, an active baby and textbook symptoms for 9 weeks along.

From there, this pregnancy has been cruising right along. With a move, a new business, a toddler and planning a trip for 60 to Europe…to say I haven’t had much time to process has been an understatement.

But, that’s good too because pregnancy is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG friends. We’re still not quite halfway. So there’s plenty of time for baby knits, nursery planning and name selection.

Luke is a smart cookie and has quickly picked up on mommy’s new stowaway. He points and my belly and says baby. Then he points to my chest and says “Nother baby”. This is simultaneously hilarious and mortifying. When we ask him if he wants a baby brother or sister, he says “Baby Sticker” which is much easier to deliver on than guaranteeing him one particular gender or another. I love the way toddler brains work.

So, Country Mama, any tips on parenting 2? How about prepping your oldest for the new arrival? I’d love your sage advice!