Time In

Sometimes life happens to notice that you were sailing along minding your own business and decides to do something about it.

Sometimes you go through something crappy, then your kid does too and to top it off your computer crashes, you chip a tooth and your car gets broken into.

Sometimes there just aren’t words that feel like they do a situation justice. So, sometimes hunkering down for a minute and holding your loved ones tight before sticking your head up again is really the best thing you can do for a minute.

We’ve had a shitty few months and there really isn’t another word for it. I’ve missed writing but even more so, I’ve missed feeling like writing. We still had great days and smiles and fun things to share. Luke tried ice cream and met the Easter bunny. He learned the chicken dance and how to go down the slide all on his own.photo 1

Eric and I, we’ve been through tough times. Times tougher than this. But, (delusionally) I thought we’d get a little bit of a break from karma. Life just doesn’t work like that but man it would be great if it did.

photo 2The good news is that I’ve learned how to process and cope during these times so that it is a little easier in the end. I know that cleaning my home helps me de-stress. That lighting a candle and having a cup of tea in the evening is soothing even in the worst of times. That pulling inward, tightening my circle and slowing down help me prioritize and see all the things I have to be grateful for.photo 3

It’s time to pick my head up out of the sand. Dust myself off again and get back into the swing of things. Our time out was very much needed. Thanks for hanging in there while we took it.

Pinterest Easter??

I learned a valuable thing about myself today. I am NOT a food crafter.

As I was meal planning this morning I saw an enticing pin about how to make Easter bunnies and chicks from pretzels and white chocolate. Since I was one my way to the grocery store I thought I would give it a try.


They came out ok. Ellis calls the bunnies “kitty-cats”, but it is not a terrible attempt.

While I like the idea of cute food (it feels like the puns of the culinary world), I just don’t like it enough to actually want to do it ever again.

So now I am working on a paper craft for Easter because I do love a good garland. Paint chip Easter eggs, Yes Please!


I’ll admit I don’t really get Easter. It wasn’t a huge holiday in my family. And I confess it celebrates spring which is not my favorite season. I am probably the only one, but I always get a little sad around Easter, because it is when I finally give up hope of one last snow.

I am also really unclear about how this whole Easter Bunny thing works. Is it like Santa? Do I have to hide all the basket goodies before they are unveiled in a basket or eggs?

This will be our establishing Easter (since it will be the first one Ellis might remember) and I don’t really have our ducks in a row yet. The only thing I am on top of is Easter baskets. And the only reason I am on top of it is because Gram weaves beautiful baskets for all the grandkids and we use the same one each year. I like that we don’t have to scramble to find a new basket every year. Here is Ellis with his beautiful basket two years ago:


City Mama, do you have any Easter traditions you love (that I can steal)?