The sky fell on us about a month ago and it seems like it has just continued to crash down. I have been absent from the blog (and a lot of my own life if I am being honest). I’m not ready to write about it, but maybe I will at some point. Thank you City Mama for keeping the blog going and for all of your support behind the scenes. In the interest of easing back in I just had to share something light: a recent score.

We are at the beach this week with Adam’s family. It is 10 adults and 5 kids. It is a cousin fest and a good time.

One of the traditions we have developed over the years is a mom’s afternoon where all the “aunt-mamas”* get to sneak away for some kid-free thrift shopping.

I am not sure what it is about this beach, but I always find some great wild animal art and this year was no exception. In fact, I think it will be hard to beat this year’s score.

Behold… Forlorn Regal Cheetah Cub


I found this guy on a junk shop floor and I don’t know if his piercing expression translates on screen but in person he is stop-in-your-tracks amazing. I didn’t think twice about purchasing him, which is the way I acquire all of my favorite art. Pure gut reactions.


Don’t worry if this looks crazy. Some people can pull off great shoes. Others have a flare for wild style. I can pull off wacky art. He will go in Ellis’ room, but he is temporarily hanging on the living room wall of the beach house for all to admire.

*Aunt-mama is the nickname that is best suited to parenting a pack of cousins for the week. It is not quite “sister-wife” but we each are part of this family by way of a brother.

P.S. City Mama did you watch Lemonade? Amazing. Count me obsessed.